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Hibaldstow is a large parish and village, 4 miles south-west from Brigg, 4 north-east from Kirton-in-Lindsey. Today Hibalstow is probably best known for Seargents Ice Cream & the Hibaldstow Airfield where the Skydiving club is based.


Hibaldstow was founded as a Roman legionary 'roadside fort' on the road from Lincoln to the Humber. Later it became a 'posting station' on the same road. The earliest evidence for occupation suggests a date in the late first century. Occupation continued into the late fourth century. There is no Iron Age settlement evidence from the Roman site itself. .

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The name 'Hibaldstow' comes from Old English Hygebald+stow, for "holy place where St. Hygebald is buried". From 1066-87 the village was referred to as "Hibaldestowa". It appeared in the 1086 Domesday Book as Hiboldestou. Variations in the spelling abound, even within a single document. Some writers have suggested that the name was originally Hubba, a Danish commander or leader

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