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Thornton Curtis - North Lincolnshire

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Thorton Curtis is best known for Thornton Abbey which is about two miles away from the village.
The Augustinian Monks Founded Thornton Abbey in 1139. Much of the Abbey is ruined, however the most spectacular feature to remain is the three story gatehouse. The gatehouse is an early example of brickwork which was begun around 1377 & displays some fourteenth century statues. The abbey is currently owned by English Heritage.


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    The Location
The Location -  five miles south east of Barton and four miles south of New Holland.

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    The Place-name & its Origins

The Doomsday Book (1086) referred to the village as "Torentune".

Other names - for the village include Torntune, Thorentona, Thorneton & Thornton Curteys,

The name - can be translated to 'the farmstead or village where thorn trees grow'. (Curtis is unknown).
-ton - enclosure, farmstead, village manor (Old Enlish - tun)


The History of Thornton Curtis....
Here is a Wesleyan chapel, erected in 1850. About a mile and a half east of the village are the ruins of the Abbey of St. Mary, founded by William-le-Gros, Earl of Albemarle, on the festival of St. Hilary, January 13, A.D. 1139, and in the following year, on the same day of the same festival, the founder brought hither an establishment of twelve Augustinian, or Black Canons, from Kirkham Priory; one of the number being then constituted prior: in 1148 the monastery was raised by Pope Eugenius III to abbatial rank, and in 1517 became a mitred abbey:
....[entry from Kelly's Trade Directory for 1900]

the remains of the Abbot's house is now a farm: the entrance gatehouse is one of the finest existing specimens in England of the Early Perpendicular style, and was built about 1382, the general plan being that of a parallelogram of two storeys, with octagonal towers at the angles and on either side of the entrance; the front is enriched with several canopied niches, from some of which the figures have disappeared; the three largest, however, remain, and are in a perfect state, the centre figure representing the Virgin Mary, to whom the abbey was dedicated, and over her head may be discerned a very rare and remarkable representation of the Holy Trinity:
....[entry from Kelly's Trade Directory for 1900]


     Population Through The Years

Year - Population
Year - Population
1801- 242
1811 - 300

1821 -
1831 - 362

1841 - 393
1851 - 497
1861 - 483
1871 - 478
1881 - 471
1891 - 489
1901- 477
1911 - 452
1921 - 481
1931 - 467
1941 - N/A
1951 - 422
1961 - 403
1971 - 336
1981 - 308
1991 - 279

     Saint Church of Saint Lawrence
The church of St. Lawrence is a building of stone, in the early English style, consisting of chancel, nave, aisles, south porch and an embattled western tower with eight pinnacles and containing 5 bells: there is an Early Norman font, square in plan, the bowl, which is curiously carved, resting on a large central shaft, with a smaller one at each angle; the whole surface is enriched with sculpture in low relief; the oaken pulpit and communion table are of the 17th century: there is a singular monument near the south porch to Mr. Skinner, ob. 1626, and near to it is a very ancient and rude female bust: the church was restored in 1883-4, at a cost of over £3,000: an organ was erected in 1889 at a cost of £300:
....[entry from Kelly's Trade Directory for 1900]


Church of
Saint Lawrence

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