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South Ferriby - North Lincolnshire

    Discover South Ferriby - North Lincolnshire
South Ferriby is one of five that lie on the road that runs between the River Humber & Brigg. The five villages, collectively known as the "Low Villages" as they are located along the foot of the North Lincolnshire Wolds are Worlaby, Bonby, Saxby-all-Saints, Horkstow & South Ferriby.
The Village has a number of interesting buildings including Saint Nicholas Church, the Reading Room , the Old Post Office, Methodist Chapel & the Primary School. You can also enjoy the River Ancholme & River Humber as well as taking in the spectacular view of
Reads Island from the Wolds.

The Reading Room

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    The Location
The Location -   South Ferriby is a village and parish in North Lincolnshire situated where the Northern end of the Lincolnshire Wolds meet the south bank of the River Humber. South Ferriby lies 9 miles west of Hull, 11 miles east of Scunthorpe, 25 miles north-west of Grimsby and 3 miles south-west of Barton on Humber.

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    The Place-name & its Origins
South Ferriby as the name suggests is defined as 'The farmstead or village beside the ferry'. South Ferriby has through the ages been known as the following:- Ferriby, Ferraby, Ferribi, Ferebi, Ferya By, Ferrebe, North Ferebe, which is shown on an old map dating from 1610 and
South Ferraby (in 1842). It is South in raltionship to North Ferriby which is located on the opposite bank of the River Humber.

The Doomsday Book (1086) referred to the village as "Ferebi".

Other names - for the village include Suth Feriby

The name - can be translated to 'The farmstead or village at the ferry'. It is South in contrast to North Ferriby which is located on the opposite bank of the River Humber.
-by - farmstead, village - (Old Norse - by)


The History of South Ferriby can be traced back to 800 to 900AD when it was named Ferrebe which suggests it was named by the Danes. Archeological finding including many Roman coins and jewelry were found in the nineteenth century.
During the reign of King Canute there was a ferry crossing over the river Humber between South Ferriby & North Ferriby . The Doomsday Book records a church, mill and two ferries which suggests that there was a prosperous trading community.

In the past, South Ferriby, despite its size had many industries, including, ship building, brick manufacture, cement manufacture, agriculture, blacksmiths and mills which provided much of the employment within the village.

A number of springs which are dotted around the village enabled South Ferriby to be one of the first in the country to have its own piped water supply.


     Population Through The Years

Year - Population
Year - Population
1801- 280
1811 - 420
1821 - 453
1831 - 500
1841 - 542
1851 - 580
1861 - 573
1871 - 721
1881 - 733
1891 - 638
1901- 738
1911 - 725
1921 - 736
1931 - 701
1941 - N/A
1951 - 696
1961 - 663
1971 - 607
1981 - 619
1991 - 614

     Saint Nicholas Church 
The church of St Nicholas, which is but the mutilated remnant of a much larger church, is a singular structure, consisting of nave, south transept, north porch and an embattled tower, with pinnacles, at the south-east angle, containing 3 bells: over the porch is an ancient semicircular stone, on which is a sculptured a figure of St Nicholas, vested in alb and mitre, and holding a pastoral staff in his left hand; and on either side are symbolical figures of the sun and moon; in 1869 the church was repewed and restored at a cost of £350, and in 1889 was again restored and a sacrarium built at a cost of £1,092, by the Right Rev. Bishop Tozer D.D. then rector:
....[entry from Kelly's Trade Directory for 1900]


Saint Nicholas Church

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Entry from Kelly's Trade Directory for 1900



Hope & Anchor
Sluice Road
South Ferriby,
North Lincolnshire,
DN18 6JQ
Tel: 01652 635242

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Nelthorpe Arms
School Lane
South Ferriby,
North Lincolnshire, DN18 6HW
Tel: 01652 635235

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