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Place-Names   Place-Name Origins
Many North Lincolnshire place-names originate from the colonisation by the Anglo-Saxons. Old English place-name elements are evident in many of the towns & villages across the county such as:- burh, cot, ham, tun, wic, worth. There is a large number of Danish place-names across North Lincolnshire derived from by & thorp which were recorded in the Domesday book. For More info Click Here.
Find out the origins of the Place-names of the Towns & Villages in North Lincolnshire.

Click here for NorthLincs.com's A-Z list of Place-Names.
Museums Books
Lincolnshire has a number of Museums to visit. ...more.

Life in Licolnshire is Captured in the Museum of Lincolnshire Life (Lincoln).

Farming Museum

(Normanby Park).

Baysgarth House Museum (Barton).
A Dictionary of Lincolnshire Placenames
by Kenneth Cameron.
Railways of North Lincolnshire
C.T. Goode.
North Lincolnshire: a Pictorial History
Kevin Leahy, David Williams
Aspects of North Lincolnshire: Discovering Local History Jenny Walton (Editor)
Excavations at Winterton Roman Villa and Other Roman Sites in North Lincolnshire, 1958-67
Local History Local History Groups
There is a wealth of information about the Local History in the Local Libraries across the county. Alternatively, a very good source of information is online at the North Lincolnshire Council Website under the Local History Section. Click Here for more.
There are many Local History Groups across the region. If you know of one please let NorthLincs.com know so we can build up a Directory of Groups. Thank You.
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